Newbie is confused about installing ROOT on Windows

Hello everyone, this might be a bit of a basic question, but I can’t seem to find an answer to it. This is my first time installing ROOT. Specifically, I am trying to install ROOT 6 onto my Windows 10 system. In the list of dependencies, one of them is having Microsoft Visual C++ installed. I know that VS can be quite RAM heavy, so I wondered whether I can just get away with using VS Code which I already have installed. Is it necessary to have VS or is it more of a recommendation?
Thank you in advance for any help.

First, welcome to the ROOT Forum!
Then, what is needed (by the interpreter, which is a just in time compiler) is the C++ development environment, so Visual Studio and Windows 10 SDK. VS Code is only an Editor.

Thank you for your help, that makes sense now that you say it.

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