Newbie Fit/RooFit Question


I’m pretty new to Fit/RooFit, and I need some help to get started with my current project.

My goal is to find the best-fit parameters to weigh histograms into the desired shape. This means I have three TH1s (mc1, mc2, data); I want to give mc1 and mc2 different weights to make them fit the shape of data (sth like par[0]*mc1+par[1]*mc2=data maybe by minimizing chi2 between the weighted MC and Data). Since par[0]+par[1] !=1, TFractionFitter does not work for me. Is there any way I can achieve this through Fit/RooFit? Could someone give me some hints?


Welcome to the ROOT forum.

I guess @moneta can help you.

Hi @katrina09,

indeed, RooFit is well suited for this!

You can find the necessary code snippets for your task in the RooFit tutorials. In particular, take a look at:

Note that in ht e tutorial overview, there are also links to the Python version of both tutorials.

In summary, you have to:

  1. Wrap all you histograms in a RooDataHist
  2. Create two RooHistPdf from the mc-based data-hists
  3. Create a RooAddPdf from the two RooHistPdf
  4. Fit the RooAddPdf to the RooDataHist with the data

It will do a binned likelihood fit by the way, not a chi-square fit. If your data histogram is representing events, the likelihood fit is the right thing to do.

Let us know if you have any follow-up questions!

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