*NEWBIE ALERT* Trouble reading TBranch from class method

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********* NEWBIE ALERT *****************

I am using CINT and not ACLIC because I have not figured out how to set the paths correctly in Windows XP for ACLIC. In the meantime, I have been successfuly reading TBranches from a *.root file with a top-down piece of code. Now I am trying to make it object oriented. Everything was going fine until I tried to say:

nentries = (Int_t)b_voltagesI->GetEntries(); // This works fine - 1000 entries.
printf(“nentries is %d\n”, nentries); //
b_voltagesI->SetAddress(voltages); // This produces a series of errors that starts with "Symbol #include is not //defined in current scope’

I read in /viewtopic.php?t=10873 that with this error it is advisable to switch to ACLIC. However I am wondering if there is anything else to try, given my newbie status and difficulties with paths on Windows XP. I am attaching my code if anyone is able to take a look.
ScopeClass.C (2.82 KB)
CryoClass.C (2.9 KB)
readrootfile.C (488 Bytes)

Well, this is embarrassing - I found the bug. I was accidentally deleting the tree in Scope::Read() and then trying to read the branches of the tree in Scope::GetNoisePower. #-o So it is working now - hooray!