New syntax highlighting for GNOME users

Hi all,

I’ve created a .lang file for ROOT so that all rooters who use GNOME’s “gedit” or “anjuta” for source editing can have syntax highlighting for ROOT.

Usage is simple:

  1. Change the attached file extension to “.lang” instead of “.txt”
  2. Copy the file to “/usr/share/gtksourceview-2.0/language-specs/”
  3. Fire up your favourite GNOME editor and choose “Highlight Mode -> Sources -> ROOT”

Happy ROOTing!!

N.B. This file only includes ROOT types and does not include ROOT constants.
root.txt (9.32 KB)

this is useful.

Hi, i’ve a question.
How can i link the root libraries to an Anjuta’s project?

add the necessary compiler flags and linker flags to the advanced dialog of the build target properties
(rightclick on target -> advanced)

th flags can be obtained with:
root-config --cflags --glibs

you’ll maybe also have to add $ROOTSYS and $LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the enviroment variables when executing (Run -> Programm parameters)

Thank you! Now it works fine.