New ROOT "Train the Trainers" Event

Dear All,

We are pleased to announce a series of yearly events called ROOT “Train the Trainers”. Such events are aimed at training new ROOT trainers, but not just that: we see it as an opportunity to collect feedback too, both on ROOT itself and on the available training material.

The ROOT team already invests a big effort in teaching ROOT so, in order to reach even more people, it is crucial to get the help of other colleagues. Moreover, we would like these people to cooperatively evolve the training material with us, to join us in making it battle proven.

After completing the training, attendees will be recognized with an “Official ROOT Trainer” certificate and will be encouraged to teach ROOT in the future. The ROOT team will be always there to help them, by providing consulting and material as well as technical assistance.

The first event will have a duration of one day and it will take place on June 14th at the brand new Hewlett Packard building of The Hive campus, which is right next to the CERN Meyrin site:

Prospective attendees should have basic ROOT knowledge and could come, for example, from physics groups, university groups or schools. During the day of the training, they will be cordially invited to a superb treatment with coffee and lunch breaks and gear included. Half of the ROOT team will be present too.

There are limited places and they will be assigned by invitation only. Please feel free to contact us and suggest participants.

Looking forward to seeing you at The Hive!

Best regards,

Enric for the ROOT team

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I’m interested in attending this great event. How can get an invitation?

Thanks in advance,


Good Day

I would like to RSVP for the event. Does this email qualify as an RSVP?




I am interested in attending this great event. is it possible for foreign researchers? I 'am a PhD student in medical physics from Morocco, and I use Root, I would like to attend this training

Le lun. 15 avr. 2019 à 10:49, Choma Joshua a écrit :

Is there is opportunity to attend the training online?

Can we attend the training online ?

Thank you

Hi Dear ROOT team!
I would be so proud and so glad for participating in such great events, but I want to ask you if there is any opportunity for foreign to do so? and if there is, How to benefit if?

Thank you so much.

yes i can, with skype ?

Hello, can you please share the schedule of this training? Can one outside CERN attend it or not? Any online link to participate online?

Thank you


Hi All,

Thank you for your interest in the training!

First of all I would like to stress that this is not a regular training about ROOT. We will not be teaching ROOT, but rather how to teach it. We will discuss also about the training material, get feedback on how to improve it, etc.

To answer your questions, it is not foreseen that we will broadcast the training online. Regarding the schedule, it is not finished yet, but it will roughly consist of a morning session with a coffee break, followed by a lunch break and an afternoon session with another coffee break.

If you would like to attend this training, please send me a private message where you answer these questions:

  • What is your home institution and what is your research about?
  • How many ROOT tutorials did you give in the past and who was the audience? Please estimate the total number of participants.



I would like to be considered for this course.

I am Prof. Todd Huffman at Oxford University.

I teach ROOT every year to anywhere between 5 – 15 undergraduates through courses and also Particle Physics projects that I coordinate.

I also work with, and teach, about one new Particle Physics graduate every year as well.

I think learning more about ROOT formally rather than through osmosis and picking up tips on the web sites when I have the time would vastly improve my ability to teach these young people and improve their ability to use ROOT.

So please consider me for the course and let me know either way as soon as you can.



Dear organizer,
Is it possible to access course material if we are not able to attend at the moment. When is it scheduled? You may guess that it’d be difficult to attend if we are not currently in the country.

Sincerely Yours.

Sir, I am interested to attend this training. I am from india


I’m very interested in the teaching ROOT course. I tried to send a private message but it tells me I can’t.

I’m a postdoc fellow of the University of Campania in Italy. My research focuses in Nuclear Astrophysics, specially in the Carbon burning phase of stars.

I have taught for two years the bases of ROOT to second year undergrad students of my University and I hope I can continue doing it since we’ve got very positive results. My ROOT lessons are part of the “II physics laboratory” course, where student carry out different physics experiments and use ROOT to analyse the results. Each year I have had around 15 students.

Keenly waiting for you answer,

Liz MG

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Dear organizer,
What needs to be done to attend the event ? We will need an invitation letter for visa application for instance.

Sincerely Yours.


Harran University


I’m interested to join in this ROOT course.


I am very interested in the ROOT teaching course. I am a doctoral student of University Mohamed first in Morocco. My research focuses on simulations of the medical accelerator head (linac head).
I use ROOT to draw the simulation results of my Geant4 code. I would like to attend this training to improve my basic knowledge and to have future competence to teach ROOT.
Keenly waiting for you answer.

Assalmi Mustapha


We ‘re interested and need 2 invitations.


Thank you to all the people that expressed their interest recently. Please check my previous message and send me a PM with the answers to the questions.