New ROOT Project in VisualStudio2005

I have used the instructions for creating a new ROOT project on VS2005 found at Francois-Xavier Gentit’s web site. These seem to be working.

But he does indicate a few issues that are quirky, all of which can be worked around. But the most annoying regards the need to setup a “custom build step” in creating the dictionary files.

Has anyone found a cleaner method of building the dictionary files that doesn’t require this modification everytime a new class file is added to the project?




the only generic way out I can see is to write a Visual Studio Add-In. Other than that, if you want to use the MSVC build environment (and not a Makefile which gets triggered by MSVC) you’ll have to add the rules by hand, I’m afraid. Hmm, except - I have (in MSVC8) a custom build step rule system; you could add a custom build step for .h files (header files don’t have a build rule in MSVC, so this wouldn’t mess up MSVC’s build). It’s right click on the project, “Custom Build Rules…”. But that would mean you would invoke rootcint on each and every header of yours - which might be what you want, dunno.

Good luck!