New PROOF Log window

Today I tried ROOT 5.20 - and the new POOOF “Show Log” window is a big improvement. Thanks a lot!

However, I’ve got a simple feature request. Until now, I can only grep for a certain string. What I’d like to have is something like ‘grep -v’, so that I can exclude certain things (for example I’d like to ignore some sort of warning).

As the release notes of 5.21 show that you reimplemented the search as - maybe it’s already included? I didn’t look at 5.21 because links to the 5.20 source file.

Anyway, thanks for the improvements in PROOF! (and I hope the new version will at some time be included in CMSSW…) Can it be that opening a connection to PROOF is now faster than before? (now I’m connecting with a 5.18 (CMS) root to the xrootd 5.20)


Dear Wolf,

This should work already with 5.20: just put ‘-v pattern’ in the grep box of the log window.
However, the current implementation based on running ‘grep’ in popen gives access to all ‘grep’ options including (after today’s fix in the trunk) regular expressions.

There were some fixes in connection handling in the new xrootd which could affect setting up connection, especially when opening many workers on the same machine. But we do not have quantitative estimations.
Do you have evidence that startup goes faster or is it just an impression?

Gerri Ganis

Oh, great that -v works :slight_smile: I didn’t try that until you suggested it.

For the speed: It was just a very subjective feeling. It tried to reproduce it but it is just marginally faster (about 0.1s out of 3.5s @ 8 worker on a single machine).
However, it does of course depend significantly on the load on the worker nodes and on the whole configuration, i.e. what libraries you need to load the the workers and so on.