New Mac user

I’m the proud new owner of macbook, but am struggling to build root. I have downloaded and expanded root_v5.32.01.macosx106-x86_64-gcc-4.2.tar.gz .

I then move the root folder to \Users\Charlie\root and type mkdir root, cd root in terminal.

I then type ./configure and it returns an error saying I need GNU make version 3.80 or above. I have tried changing the architecture using ./configure [macosx64], but it says that it is invalid. I get the same result if I execute the configure file in the root folder. I thought it would be possible without GNU make as the only prerequisites on the root page are xcode and x11.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You downloaded a complete BINARY release - everything was already compiled.
After unpacking, simply “cd root” and execute “source ./bin/” (or “source ./bin/thisroot.csh”), then type “root”.
You need “configure” and “make” steps if you download the source code and you want to compile it yourself.

That seems to work, but I have to execute that every time I open terminal and want to start a root session. Should I have to do this? And what is the difference between the .sh and .csh?

Basically, you need to run the ROOT’s “setup” script in each terminal.
However, you could put this in your “login shell’s” personal initialization / startup file (try e.g. “ls -al ~/.*rc”).
The “bash” and “zsh” shells take “.sh” scripts while “[t]csh” shells take “.csh” scripts.

Thank you! I have now added a startup command, so it all works excellently! Is there a way to add more than one command like this?

See “man bash”, “man tcsh”, … google for “.bashrc examples” and/or “.tcshrc examples”.

perfect, thank you.