New graphical editor + TRootEmbeddedCanvas

Is it possible to use the new graphical editor in an application that has an embedded canvas? Thanks.

Hi Ed,
yes of cause you can. Check $ROOTSYS/tutorials/guitest.C

->Dialog->Tab3->Start Filling Hist ->Stop

Choose hist -> click Right mouse button ->
-> Choose from context menu “SetLineAtribbutes”

-> new editor will appear as main frame …

So, actually new editor is TGMainFrame embedded into TRootCanvas
You can do the trick in your program :smiley:

Regards. Valeriy

Hi Ed,

I am working on this possibility. For the moment you can load it via context menu SettLine/FillAttribute but it will belong only to the canvas via which it was loaded. The better solution will come soon.

Cheers, Ilka

This should work with ROOT Qt layer. (
It is not activated "By default"
This means you have to edit ROOT resource file first to get what you want.