New Go4 version 2.9

Dear ROOT users,

the new version 2.9 of Go4 (GSI Object Oriented On-line Off-line system) is available now for free download at .
The system is based on ROOT with the specific requirements of the low and medium energy nuclear and atomic physics experiments implemented as extensions.

Go4 separates analysis and GUI in two tasks which could run on different nodes. Communication is done through threads and sockets. The GUI is built with the Qt widget library using the Qt designer. Qt and ROOT are interfaced by the GSI QtROOT interface. Full ROOT functionality including menus and graphics is available without modifications.

The Go4 analysis framework provides the syntax to organize the analysis in steps which can be controlled from the GUI. Each step has its own IO and processing classes.

The Go4 event classes can be used to construct at runtime complex (composite) events which are stored by Go4 in trees and branches without explicit programming.

The Go4 GUI has an MDI structure. It includes Qt-embedded root graphics and offers e.g. browser and tree viewer which can be used without analysis to process standard ROOT files.

Please have a look at for further information.

With best regards,

the Go4 developer team