New forum package "manufacturer" / "identifier" / "name" / "version"

What is the “manufacturer” / “identifier” / “name” / “version” of the new forum package?
I’d like to find some Greasemonkey scripts for it.

Hi @Wile_E_Coyote - sorry, I missed your post the first time around. I think you posted before we officially enabled the forum :slight_smile:

The forum software is called Discourse from - and we are always running the newest version, currently 1.8.0.

The “make it compact” Tampermonkey scripts that you were looking for is here: PlainDiscourse.user.js.txt (1008 Bytes) - Please rename it to “.js”. (There was a Discourse bug with Javascript attachments that has been fixed since but the fix hasn’t arrived here yet…)

Cheers, Axel.