New 'file' not found


I’m trying to install ROOT resp. run it but I stumble over following issue:


input_line_1:1:10: fatal error: ‘new’ file not found
Assertion failed: OldBuilder->DeferredDeclsToEmit.empty() && “Should have emitted all decls deferred to emit.”, file C:\build\ws\BUILDTYPE\Release\LABEL\windows64\V\6-26\root\interpreter\llvm\src\tools\clang\lib\CodeGen\ModuleBuilder.cpp, line 147


I started from the Command Prompt from Visual Studio and as far as I see I followed everything according to Installing ROOT - ROOT.

If you search the forum, you will see that you should start from a x86 Native Tools Command Prompt for VS 2022 (if you downloaded the 32 version of ROOT) and not from a Developer Command Prompt for VS 2022

thanks a lot, this worked…

When I posted the question I guess I missed the c++ desktop development environment (or so) through VisualStudio Installer because I lacked this x86 Native Tools Command Prompt but since I installed it, it appeared.

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