Never ending execution


Since I couldn’t find any topic here on this subject I’m going to create one.
Everytime my code ends running, my terminal keeps stuck at this never ending/doing nothing mode. So whenever my program finishes execution, I need to close the terminal and open another if I want to run other stuff.
I tried to run all the examples that come with Garfield++ instalation, and for all of them it happens the same.

So, if my program works at the end of the day, why boder with that?
Well, I need to run hundred of simulations in a cluster at the same time, and when one of the simulation is done, I submit another. But as I explained, despite my program already did what it should do, it still keeps running, and this way, my simulation never ends at the cluster.
(Actually it ends with time exceeded error)
Does anyone has any ideia of how to overcome that problem?

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Hi Christian,

can you maybe post a small reproducer along with some instructions on how to run it?

I think what you refer to is more a feature than a bug. Most of the examples call the Run() method of a TApplication object to display the plots/histograms produced by the program. If you comment out this line the program should terminate normally. If you don’t need to display the canvas(es) you could also add a line gROOT->SetBatch();.

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Well, that solved my problem! Thank you very much!

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