Neural networks

Hi guys,
I want to use a neural network for a simple classification task on strings. Can the neural network class featured in the root manual “TMultilayerPercpetron” take strings as data for input neurons? Thanks.


Hi Johnny,

you need a metric for ANNs. Numbers have that ("-"), strings don’t. It’s kind of hard to tell how to define it - in prinicple it’s a measure for the distance of two strings. But I’m positive other people have had that problem before. Once you come up with a metric, implement your own class (one that wraps a TString), and call your metric using the TMultiLayerPerceptron constructor “MyInputString1.Metric(),MyInputString2.Metric():3:5:Out1.Metric(),Out2.Metric()”. That should allow you to categorize strings.

Cheers, Axel.