Nested namespaces and unloaded classes with a dictionnary from C++ to python : any news?


Sorry guys to re-open an old subject, but 'ive been off for four weeks and so the following discussion has been closed automatically :frowning:

If you have time to investigate this aspect we’ll be forever grateful ! :smiley:

The link to the old discussion :

thanks in advance

Hi @jbb - apologies for the terrible response time from my side… Indeed we initialize the Python view of namespaces lazily, but I currently don’t see why there’s an asymmetry between contents of a topmost and a nested namespace. I will (still) have to debug that. And that’s not going to happen this week or next because I still need to debug even more pressing issues (one: our test suite tells us master is broken, two: an experiment says ROOT is broken for them). I’ll try to get this handled still in September. Can you send an email to me ( should you not hear back in two weeks?

Again, apologies for letting this drop despite your pings!

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