Need used Python Canvas instead of Root TCanvas

Is it possible use the Python Canvas for draw Root objects (like histograms)? I need to have clear histograms as part of Tkinter picture (without Root atributes).


is it possible? I guess. You can get the underlying window handles both from ROOT
as well as from Tkinter canvases, and you can rewrite the event loop for PyROOT
and redefine event propagation for Tk. I did something similar with ROOT and MFC
a long, long time ago and managed to get it working properly.

But that was all in C++, where low-level coding is much simpler, and you want to
use the two toolkits from Python, where one is actually a string based layer on top
of another framework (Tk) and thus doesn’t give you much low-level access.

Tkinter is nice for simple GUIs, but it’s dog-slow over an X connection, it is not
thread-safe, and it doesn’t even come natively with a scrollable listbox, let alone a
tree widget. Putting ROOT graphics into a Tkinter application is like putting Ferrari
parts in your 2CV.

I strongly suggest that you reconsider what you want, and if Tkinter is an absolute
requirement, have a look here first:

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thanks for answer. Hope it help me.
I checked the paida and result of run first example from doc was wrong. Current state - waiting answer from authors and users now.
To discuss about root and python on the root field …hm.