Need Simple Prog Example for Trees in Microsoft C++ 6.0

I am working on a program to take waveforms from a Tekronix oscilloscope for the Auger’s Project at Ohio State. Because of the nature of some of Tektronix’s software, the code must be written in C++ 6.0. I have also been told to take this raw waveform data and place it into a root tree. When I try to compile a program like tree1.cpp I get an error saying “This header requires a C++ compiler …” in typeinfo.h. Does someone have a simple tree coding example they can show me with all the correct libraries included on how to do this (trees), or can anyone help out with the specific error I am getting? Thanks very much for the help and sorry if I posted in the wrong section since I am a noob.

PS. The error is in Microsoft’s typeinfo.h I think. Is there another one for root?


Here is a quick and dirty application, showing how to mix MFCs and ROOT.
It is a VC++7.1 project, as current version of ROOT only support this version.
It is only intended to show one way to do it. (based on tutorial tree2a.C)

Hope this will help.

Bertrand. (55.9 KB)

Thanks for the help. I’ll try your example as soon as I get the chance (and install .NET on my work computer). I’ll let you know what happens. Thanks.

Know this a bit late but I was able to successfully integrate ROOT into .NET for use with my project, if you’re still even looking at this old topic. The MFC help was useful too in my upgrade of the program.