Need Pythia6 in ROOT v5-30-06


I am trying to use ROOT v5-30-06 in a software framework that requires ROOT use Pythia6. Our framework was built around ROOT v5-30-00 and we have several packages (e.g., GENIE) that expect the Pythia6 headers.

How do I get Pythia6 to include in my build? I am already using --enable-pythia6, but it does not build and there are none of the appropriate headers:

perdue@minervagpvm02> ll lib/ythia
-rw-r–r-- 1 perdue e938 208 Nov 30 10:24 lib/libEGPythia8.rootmap
-rwxr-xr-x 1 perdue e938 1114897 Nov 30 10:41 lib/

perdue@minervagpvm02> find include/ -name ythia

I built ROOT from source:
svn --quiet checkout x86_64-slc5-gcc43-dbg

And used these configurations for guidance in configuration: … igurations

Here is the (somewhat of a mouthful) contents of my config.status:

perdue@minervagpvm02> cat config.status
linuxx8664gcc --build=debug --enable-builtin-pcre --enable-cintex --enable-explicitlink --enable-gdml --enable-genvector --enable-krb5 --enable-mathmore --enable-minuit2 --enable-mysql --enable-oracle --enable-pythia6 --enable-python --enable-qt --enable-qtgsi --enable-reflex --enable-roofit --enable-table --enable-unuran --with-castor-incdir=/afs/ --with-castor-libdir=/afs/ --with-cern-libdir=/afs/ --with-dcap-libdir=/afs/ --with-dcap-incdir=/afs/ --with-fftw3-incdir=/afs/ --with-fftw3-libdir=/afs/ --with-gccxml=/afs/ --with-gfal-libdir=/afs/ --with-gfal-incdir=/afs/ --with-gsl-incdir=/afs/ --with-gsl-libdir=/afs/ --with-mysql-incdir=/afs/ --with-mysql-libdir=/afs/ --with-oracle-incdir=/afs/ --with-oracle-libdir=/afs/ --with-rfio-incdir=/afs/ --with-rfio-libdir=/afs/ --with-pythia6-libdir=/afs/ --with-pythia8-incdir=/afs/ --with-pythia8-libdir=/afs/ --with-gviz-incdir=/build/bellenot/libraries/x86_64-slc5-gcc43-opt/graphviz-2.24.0/include/graphviz --with-gviz-libdir=/build/bellenot/libraries/x86_64-slc5-gcc43-opt/graphviz-2.24.0/lib

Thanks for your time and help!


See [url]Select a PDFset for pythia6 inside Root
Note the two additional ROOT configure options “–enable-pythia6 --with-pythia6-libdir=/your/pythia6/lib/subdirectory”.

BTW. In the “/afs/” subdirectory (which you try to use), there exist several different “libpythia6*.so” libraries, but ROOT needs “”.

P.S. You can inspect the “config.log” file in order to find out why it failed to find your libPythia6 library.

Hello, thanks for the post!

I am a bit confused though. I used … igurations to get my configure options - this is because previously we were downloading binaries of v5-30-00 and I wanted to make sure the ROOT I was building was as close as possible to one of the precompiled binaries.

(The difference is, I am building in debug mode.)

However, as you point out, all the libs in that directory have names like “libpythia” when, again as you pointed out, ROOT is looking for libPythia (I checked my config.log to confirm this is the reason for the failure). How then can the link above be the official build configuration for the precompiled binaries? Is there a way I can tell ROOT to look for “libpythia” instead of “libPythia?”

PS - I will follow up on the other link once I completely understand the current problem. I’d prefer not to have a custom Pythia 6 installation that I point ROOT at if I can avoid it.

Thanks again!