Need Help with Simulating Electron Avalanche

I need some help with creating electron avalanches. At the moment, I am able to simulate and plot electron avalanches from a track of proton. As shown in the picture below:

From what I can understand by tinkering with the Gem example, the green dots seem to represent where the avalanche start?

If so, is there another way to represent the electron avalanches? For example, can I turn them into drift lines but with a different color to distinguish them from the primary electrons?

Hi @Khang_Pham,
I bet the Garfield developers, e.g. @hschindl, can help you out!


sorry for my late reply. The green dots represent the points where an excitation happens. You can switch them off by calling the function EnableExcitationMarkers(false) of AvalancheMicroscopic.
If you understand your other question correctly, you want to plot the drift lines of the initial electron and those of the secondary electrons produced in the avalanche using different colors? That’s not really possible out of the box at the moment, but it shouldn’t be too hard to implement.
What you could do as a “hack” is to retrieve the coordinates of the initial/“primary” electron (using AvalancheMicroscopic::GetElectronDriftLinePoint, the initial electron is normally the one with index 0, but better check), and then plot it yourself on top of the other drift lines…

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