Need help with (Option_t*) option

Apologies for the basic level of question here :blush: but i’m new to this and can’t find much support. Is there somewhere i can get a list of the options that a method from the context menu takes? For example, i want to delete the TPaveStats box from a histogram, but when i right click on it and choose Delete, it asks for and option, and i can’t figure out what to put in there so it deletes!! Thanks alot,



I have no clue either about TPaveStat, so this is what I did:

  • went to the root top directory
  • did “ls /src/TPaveStat” which revealed graf/src/TPaveStat.cxx
  • went to graf/inc and viewed TPaveStat.h
  • look for anything in the header that ends with "// MENU because
    this can be manipulated by clicking with the mouse
  • saw nothing related to deleting
  • it inherits from TPaveText, so looked at its header file
  • found “Clear(Option_t *option=”") " and looked now at TPaveText.cxx
  • turns out that the option argument is not used…