Need help on Reflex: how to Produce dictionary?

dont know if this is the perfect place for asking question on Reflex.
but i failed to found any other place.and i am too much tired to search on this old package.
so plz help if you have worked with it.

based on the instruction described here(+my little knowledge on python):

i did this:

i have installed GCC_XML to “C:\Program Files (x86)\GCC_XML”

copied “genreflex” folder from

i have added:
gccxmlpath=‘C:\Program Files (x86)\GCC_XML\bin’

for testing i have put a header file named

then on python’s console window i typed:

genreflex a.h

which shows me errors.

here is the output:

genreflex a.h
File “”, line 1
genreflex a.h
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

my knowledge and experience with python is very much short.
so dont know what this error mean.
i have seen errors for having different version of python.
last time reflex was updated on 2010-04-15,so there is possiblity to have errors for latest python.
my one is 3.3

in that case can anybody point me to the solution for Python33 ?

is there any better alternative for reflex?



genreflex is a shell script that uses python. It is not run from the python prompt, but directly from your shell. Also, there is no need to put the header files anywhere other than where they are: just hand genreflex the appropriate path.

Documentation is here:


"Documentation is here:

that is great.
strange! how google failed to find that.
i will give a go and report here.
thanks for the replay.

it is a shame that after last replay i hardly found enough time to concentrate on this project

now i am again on it and hope, i will be able to finish it this time.

first of all,here is what i am trying to do:
i am trying to find a way so that c++ side code can be expose to script side automatically .
i am using this engine for the project:

everything only need to do python side work.

present problem:
i tried with this (into command prompot):
python C:/Python33/Lib/site-packages/reflex-2010-04-15/python/genreflex a.h

but it shows:
“C:\Python33\python.exe: can’t find ‘main’ module in 'C:\Python33\Lib\site”

any idea?


not sure what the error message means, but I am sure that genreflex does not work with python3. Use python2 instead.


Btw., this thread may be useful as well: [url]Reflex - All You Need to Know