Need help in rootcint

Hi, I’m doing some simulation works using geant4 for a new proposed project.

I want to make a dictionary for user defined classes inherited from G4VHits so that root would be able to creat a branch for a vector containing specified hit objects.
But when I tried to make dictionary for my own hit class using rootcint, something seemed to be wrong with operator new and delete.

The command I typed in:
rootcint CdcHitDict.cxx -c -p -I/inc_dir CdcHit.hh CdcHitLinkDef.h
In CdcHitLinkDef.h I wrote:
#pragma link C++ class CdcHit+;

And I have added ClassDef and ClassImp in CdcHit.hh & already.

After that, in generated file CdcHitDict.cxx, I found
G__memfunc_setup(“operatornew”, …)
( (CdcHit*) G__getstructoffset() -> operatornew(…) )

Since “operatornew” is not a function of CdcHit, error message would occur when I compile CdcHitDict.

I don’t know how to fix this problem. Could anybody please give me some suggestions? Thanks in advance!


Which version of ROOT are you using? Can you provide a minimal example reproducing the problem?