Ncurses dropped in 5.30.00?

Dear ROOTers,

I installed the just released 5.30.00 version and found that CTRL+L no longer clears the screen and also META+D no longer deletes one word forward.
Looking through the config.log file and comparing it with the one for 5.28.00d I saw the ncurses library is no longer checked for.

Is there a way of getting these nice features back?

I read through the release notes and it mentions the replacement of getline/editline by a new library. However it states [quote]…It implements all bash-like editor shortcuts[/quote] which I thought would cover the before mentioned shortcuts :confused:

OS X 10.6.8, used svn to compile ROOT.


meta-D works for me. On which platform does it not work for you?

I don’t like that Ctrl+L clears the screen. Let’s find a better replacement. What do you use it for - in which circumstance do you type it? Would it be maybe sufficient to print a newline and then the current prompt + current input? I.e. redraw one line down?

Cheers, Axel.

Hi Axel,

It might be a coincidence, but after updating my seriously outdated MacPorts installation and recompiling ROOT 5.30.00 the META+D combination works for me. The META+BACKSPACE (delete one word backward) does not work, although that might be because I needed to add that keyboard shortcut in by adding a DefaultKeyBinding.dict file to ~/Library/KeyBindings on my Mac.

As for CTRL+L to clear the screen, what do you not like about it? I have gotten so used to, it helps me visually clear my thoughts. I certainly would appreciate having that feature back :slight_smile:

A more urgent matter though is that for some reason the latest version of ROOT is crashing on me. I sadly do not remember if it worked before I updated MacPorts and recompiled just now – I usually run such a simple test but this past week was a little hectic.

Any thoughts on why I am seeing segmentation violations?

I am getting the same crash. I just installed a new version of linux and a new version of root.

Every time I try to use Draw() I get a segmentation violation

I am using gcc 4.4.3 and root 5.30.00 on Ubuntu (10.04 lucid)

here is a small macro that gives me the crash. It happens with TH1F’s and with TGraphs

int n=1252;
double x[n];
double y[n];

TH1F * h1 =new TH1F("h1","h1",100,0,1252*1252);
for(unsigned int i=0; i<n; i++){


TGraph *gr1 =new TGraph(n,x,y);
cout<<gr1->GetX()[1]<<" "<<gr1->GetY()[1]<<endl;

TCanvas *c = new TCanvas;



I can not reproduce this problem? Did you try running using valgrind to pin point the issue?


PS. This does not seem related to ncurse, you should probably open a new posting.

Sorry for the delayed reply. In the mean time I have upgraded to OS X 10.7 and with 5.30/01 I am able to run ROOT just fine.

I still have the wish of being able to use CTRL+L in order to clear the screen, but if I am in the minority of users who actually care for this command then I naturally understand :slight_smile:


Well, there are not many requests for ^L so far… We also need to compare that the the number of users hitting it accidentally, really wanting to type ^K :slight_smile: