Naming the console window

Hello Rooters,

I (and many others?) find the Windows system clumsy for batch jobs. As a result, it is sometimes expedient for me to run several root sessions at a time to crunch numbers a little quicker. It can be difficult to keep track of what is running in each window, because ROOT renames each window to “ROOT Session”. This is despite the fact that I have already named the window “myWindow3” or something. ROOT overwrites my title and puts its own title, then restores my title when ROOT exits.

I have been trying to suppress this behavior at ROOT startup, or change it with gSystem or gROOT from within the session, but I have not found a way that works. Is there a way to suppress this behavior? I am using Windows 7, ROOT 5.34/34.

 - John

Hi John,

This was done to give the focus back to the command prompt when another Windows (e.g. from the GUI) was taking the focus from it. And there is no option to enable/disable this behavior…

Cheers, Bertrand.

Ah well. Thanks for your quick response!

 - John