Name of parameters in minuit

I have fitted the parameters of an ellipse using minuit:

[i] TMinuit *gMinuit = new TMinuit(4);

Double_t arglist[10];
Int_t ierflg = 0;
arglist[0] = 1;
gMinuit->mnexcm(“SET ERR”, arglist ,1,ierflg);

// Set starting values and step sizes for parameters
static Double_t vstart[4] = {0.05,0.6,0.6,0.1};
static Double_t step[4] = {0.1 , 0.1 , 0.01 , 0.001};
gMinuit->mnparm(0, “k”, vstart[0], step[0], 0,0,ierflg);
gMinuit->mnparm(1, “A”, vstart[1], step[1], 0,0,ierflg);
gMinuit->mnparm(2, “B”, vstart[2], step[2], 0,0,ierflg);
gMinuit->mnparm(3, “H”, vstart[3], step[3], 0,0,ierflg);

// Now ready for minimization step
arglist[0] = 500;
arglist[1] = 1.;
gMinuit->mnexcm(“MIGRAD”, arglist ,2,ierflg);

which works fine, but I can’t find what the four parameters that have been determined by minuit are called (say if I want to cout them onto the screen or something). Does anyone know the command for this?

see TMinuit::mnpout