MySQL in the ROOT-5.08 vs ROOT-5.06

I used ROOT-5.06 translated from the source under Linux (Fedora 4) and binary version of ROOT-5.06 under Windows XP. On the both computers I could use access to MySQL database from the macros and from the codes.
After installation ROOT-5.08 I could connect to database only from the macros on the computer working under Linux. The old code that was retranslated with new root libraries gave strange warning: “Re-initialization enforced macro G_CINTVERSION :0:” and could not connect to the database.
On the computer working under Windows Xp I could not connect to the database from the macros also. Previosuly I translated TMySQLServer class myself. Now I found new library libSQL. When this library is loaded from the macros the message “class TMySQLServer not found…” is disapeared but database could be connected. For the translated code I get the same warnings as on the Linux computer.
When I returned to version 5.06 all codes began to work.
What is a difference between these two versions concerning database using.

Thanks in advance,


I am not sure why the MySQL library is not working anymore (maybe you forgot to build the mysql plugin).
The message:

[quote]“Re-initialization enforced macro G_CINTVERSION :0:” [/quote]indicates that one of the library you are loading contains a dictionary that has not been regenerated with ROOT 5.08 (and maybe worse , it may not have been rebuilt). So make sure that you regenerate all your dictionary (re-run rootcint) and rebuild all the libraries.


Thank you very much.
I did not regenerate Cint dictionaries for my own libraries and only translated them with new ROOT version. Unfortunately, when makefile find that the date of dictionary corresponds to the date of header files it does not generate new dictionary.

Now that you regenerate the dictionary file, does it work better?