My TBrowser doesn't work on ubuntu

Hi all,
I’m using ubuntu on my laptop to run root but i cant seem to use TBrowser, it gives me a typical *** Break *** segmentation violation.

So i uninstalled and reinstalled root 5.08/00b but whatever mistakes i made before i’ve carried through to the new install.

I think this could be something to do with the lib files.

i cant seem to install wmnetload, libdockapp1,

in terms of* i downloaded the libXpm.a and performed extraction into the directory where root is extracted to is this right?

wmnetload after performing

apt-get install wmnetload it says something about the dependencies not there so doesn’t install, and one of the dependencies is the libdockapp1 which i cant seem to find a website which i can add to source.list to update using ubuntus package finding tools.

Thanks for any help


p.s if TBrowser cant be fixed is there any other browser type function for viewing root files.

Hi Rob,

Please have a look at and compare your case.

Cheers, Ilka

Thank you,Ilka for your reply.
I will post back here if i have any further problems.