My mistake?

I recently (re)installed root (Release 6.06/02 - 2016-03-03) on my private MacBook (El Capitan 10.11.4)after some time of no use (~9 months).

I rerun a macro which used to work, say some_macro.C. Then made a modification in it and rerun it. But I had to leave root and enter it again to have the modifications taken into account. This did not happened before. What am I doing wrong ? Below is what I get in a Terminal window :

root [0] .x some_macro.C
"Fine. Then, change something in some_macro.C"
root [1] .x some_macro.C
"no difference in root output although it should ! Then"
root [0] .x some_macro.C
"Changes have now been raken into account!"


There are plenty of issues with the reloading modified scripts. I will tackle this once the llvm upgrade is done; this is fairly high on my plans for this year. But so are other things - so I cannot fix this immediately…

You can follow to get notified when it’s done.

Cheers, Axel.