MVA distribution for separate background instead of total

Dear expert,

When using TMVA training for multiple backgrounds( for example TT and QCD), I find the MVA score distribution for total backgrounds(TT+QCD) in the output root file. But what if I want to have a look at the MVA distribution of TT and QCD? how can I get their distribution ?

Thanks for taking time to read my quetions!

By the way I am using ROOT 6.22.00


Hi @huiling110 ,
we need @moneta 's help, let’s ping him.


Thank you, @eguiraud !

I think I kind of know how to solve this problem, which is using TMVAClassificationApplication.C to run over various background to get independent distribution.

But I found something a bit wield in the TMVAClassificationApplication.C code. The interpreter tells me that I could only use Float_t for reader->AddVariable() parameter, actually the variable branch that I saved is Double_t and I prefer the more accurate Double_t. Why not use Double_t for the type of reader->AddVariable() input?

Still, I am using ROOT 6.22.00

Many thanks!