Multithread filling a TTree using TThreadedObject<TTree>

Dear Rooters,

I am trying to fill a TTree using multithreading. For some reason, I want to use TThreadedObject, since the rest of the code base already used a lot TThreadedObject’s for data processing, and all worked fine.

So I tried using TThreadedObject to fill a tree multithreadingly. The procedure is basically like:

    ROOT::TThreadedObject<TTree> th_T("T", "threaded object");

    auto _fill = [&](int n)
        cout<<"thread id: "<<this_thread::get_id()<<endl;
        TTree* T = th_T.Get().get();
        float v;
        T->Branch("v", &v, "v/F");
        for(int i=0;i<1e6;i++)
            v = 10;
    // save results
    TFile *f = new TFile("ss.root", "recreate");

But somehow the resulted behavior is odd, I checked the output tree, about 1M entries is just 0, and around 4000 entries is 10(the expected value). I am not sure where I missed anything, I searched quite a lot and couldn’t find any solutions. I have attached a working test code, any help on this code would be highly appreciated.



multi_filling.cpp (937 Bytes)

I can reproduce the problem and I can also see that if I use

TTree *T = new TTree("", "");

instead of the threaded object, the individual ss$n$ files are all right.

@pcanal Do you have an idea?

I’m not sure TTree can be used within TThreadedObject.
What TThreadedObject does is to create a certain number of copies of your object (by default it would be 64 TTrees), then it makes sure that each thread works on a different copy when you call methods on the TThreadedObject.

I’m pretty sure you have to manually call TThreadedObject::Merge when you are done, to merge all thread-local copies (including possibly the ones that have not been used by any thread), and then the object at slot 0 is the result of the merge.

Can TTree be used like this?

This does not answer directly your question, but ROOT provides an higher-level interface to get the end-result you want, RDataFrame. These two lines fill a TTree with a million entries in parallel and save it to a TFile:

ROOT::EnableImplicitMT();  // to activate implicit multi-threading
ROOT::RDataFrame(1e6).Define("v", [] { return 10; }).Snapshot("t", "ss.root");



Indeed there is currently no horizontal (automatic) merging of TTree (gather distinct branches from various TTree) (The closest concept is “Tree Friends”).


PS. Admittedly implementing horizontal merge for in-memory trees should be straightforward (just steal the branch object from one tree and put it into another).

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