Multiprocessing under Windows - missing libMultiproc

ROOT Version: 6.19.01 (current master)
Platform: Windows 10
Compiler: MVC 2019 16.3.7, Host=x64, Platform=x86

Hi everybody,

when porting my program from linux to windows I realized that there is no TProcessExecuter.h available neither in the prebuild nor if I build ROOT myself. It seems that the library libMultiproc is not build even though imt and tbb were aktivated. Is there another option I have to chose when building ROOT in order to get the corresponding library or is this feature currently not supported?

Is there an alternative to execute several independent tasks using multiprocessing? Multithreading using TThreadExecutor seems not to provide the same performance. At least this is what I found under linux.


Hi Kai,

There is no multiprocess support on Windows (and there is no plan to support it)


Hi Bertrand,

ok, then I’ll stick to the multithreading solution. Thanks for the info.


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