Multiple Fit

Hi everyone,

I want to perform several fits (peak finding) on the same histogram with the same (predefined) function via the fit panel, but after the first fit the parameter values are saved and then obviously the second fit performed in another point of the histogram does not converge. Is there an easy way to set all the parameters to zero with a single command instead of changing them manually?

Alternatively I think I can use the ADD option instead of reusing the same function, I know how to do it via the ROOT’s command line, but I didn’t manage to do it with the fit panel. How can I do?


I understand your problem. We probably miss a “Clear” button in the Fit Parameters panel, in order to set them all to zero. I’ll try to implement this for the next release.

Concerning the option to Add functions, you can set the Fit Panel “Fit Options” option, “Add to List” which will add the new functions to the list of fitted function of the histogram.

Best Regards