Multiple daemons from shared installation dir

Hi! Is there the possibility to run multiple proof daemons (one master and multiple slaves) from the same shared root installation directory ?
Any tips how to do that ?
Thank you

Hi Adrian,

I am not sure to understand exactly your question, but in general, yes, you can run several proofservs on the same machine from the same ROOTSYS; each of them will have a separate sandbox / working directory.

Could you detail a bit more what exactly your are trying to setup ?

You may want to have a look at the examples at … stallation .


Hi! I need to run several proofservs on the different machines from the same ROOTSYS; my ROOTSYS is shared on all computers (the one that have the disk space will be master) and the others mount through NFS the space that have ROOTSYS and will be slaves. Given that each xrootd can have his own name i imagine that theoretically what i need can be done … but i need some reassurance and maybe words of caution … etc…


There should be no problems in running from NFS. Unless you share also “/tmp” you should not even care about xrootd working files.
But if you want to be sure you can add “-n name” to the xrootd command line, with ‘name’ is different for any machine (e.g. xrd-).


k, thanks! as soon as i do it i will post the news :slight_smile: