MSVC's debugger displays ROOT's objects


for the windows users using win32(gdk), and debugging stuff with the MS Dev Studio:

I always assumed that there must be a trick, and I finally found it. It’s kinda hard to tell whether this is well known or not, so here it goes: the file
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET\Common7\Packages\Debugger\autoexp.dat
contains a series of type=string declarations that allow you to customize what MS DevStudio is showing in the watch window and tooltip when debugging your application. A bit of doc and examples are here [], and this is a start for the impatient ones:

TString= <fData> TNamed= name=<fName.fData> title=<fTitle.fData> TCollection= size=<fSize> TClonesArray= size=<fSize> type=<fClass.fName>

Hi Axel, thanks for good hint.
Just another hint from CVS log:

The functions (Info, Warning etc.) from
now printing debug info into debugger window
(“Command” window in WinDbg)

Regards. Valeriy