Moving standard output when loading Garfield libraries to debug output

Plz, could be the output lines 50:52

  if (!path.empty()) {
    std::cout << "Heed:\n    Database path: " << path << "\n";

at file

be redirected to a debug output or just removed? Not interested to see that each time I load Garfield libraries.


@hschindl will take care of this

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Sure, I’ll look into it. As a quick fix, can you just comment out this line?

Sure, I am commenting out that line on my local Garfield++ compilation. However, any users compiling and installing our libraries against Garfield++ will see those lines.

I also have outputs when using MediumMagboltz::LoadGasFile Garfield routines.

jgalan@sultan:/programas/garfield/6.24.02$ restRoot

= REST Version: v2.3.7
= Loading libraries ...

root [0] TRestDetectorGas *gas = new TRestDetectorGas("server", "Xenon-Isobutane 1Pct 20-10E3Vcm")
MediumMagboltz::LoadGasFile: Reading /home/jgalan/.rest/download/xe_99.0-iC4H10_1.0-E_vs_P_20.0_1000.0_nodes_20-nCol_10-maxE_400.gas.
MediumMagboltz::LoadGasFile: Version 12
    Gas composition set to Xe/iC4H10 (99/1)
(TRestDetectorGas *) 0x55cd387006b0
root [1] 

Those output lines are found at Perhaps they could be encapsulated at a m_info flag that is not enabled by default. Or that could be defined at compilation stage.

Thanks for understanding!

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