Moment about a Point?

I have a TF1 and I wish to calculate some statistical properties of it. It is however entirely one-sided, so the usual mean & standard deviation won’t do. Is there a way to use TF1::Moment and TF1::CentralMoment to calculate an nth moment about an arbitrary point? I would take moments about the most-likely value in my case.

Actually the documentation (and this post, the only one about CentralMoment: Please explain TF1::Variance to me) is not very clear about which mean is used when calculating the CentralMoment. Is it just the regular Moment(1,a,b) mean over the same range?

Anyways, if CentralMoment is restricted to just being about the mean, I am very surprised. It shouldn’t be difficult to allow the user to specify any point about which to calculate the moment…