Recently, I have made my program Litrani modular, trying to copy the way modularity is implemented in Root. Litrani has now 2 modules, “SplineFit”, which is stand alone, and “litrani” which needs SplineFit. I have asked the user to create a system variable $ROOTDEV, in perfect analogy to $ROOTSYS and to create folders bin, lib and include in $ROOTDEV. All this is working perfectly on Windows XP, but on Linux I have the following problem:
when the user launches the executable “litrani” as I have compiled and linked it (i.e. without recompiling it), instead of looking for the shared library “” in the $ROOTDEV/lib of the user, it tries to find it from MY $ROOTDEV/lib!!! The program crashes with the message:
litrani: error while loading shared libraries: /afs/ cannot open shared object file: Permission denied
As probably it is due to something wrong in my Makefiles, I include in this mail the Makefile for SplineFit and the one for Litrani. Thanks a lot if you can help me