Modifying existing classes

Dear all,

I am running ROOT on the output of a Delphes file (.root extension) out of a MadGraph generation.

I would like to modifying slightly an existing .cc file, which calls its respective .h file.

In my root macro, if I include the .cc file, my changes are executed correctly; if I include the .h file, changes are not displayed.
However, if I include the .cc file and try to re-run the macro from ROOT, it crashes giving me some errors.

I think I should reload the libraries or re-make some files but I am confused which one I should look at.

I truly thank you for your help!

Best regards,
Guglielmo Coloretti

(I am using last version of ROOT and latest Linux release)


If you are in the ROOT prompt, ROOT now offers a shadowing feature (since 6.26 iirc) which replaces the existing definition of a type, function or variable that is redefined in the global namespace. So if you modify a class and you redefine it, any use of it from that point should get the redefinition.

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