Modify axes width and ticks position

I am trying to increase the width of the axes in a histogram. What I actually want to do is make the frame a bit thicker.

The second thing I want to do, is have ticks on all 4 sides of the plot. I tried using

but this does something completely different. Any idea on how to do those 2 modifications?

Thank you very much in advance!

Before you create your canvas: gStyle->SetFrameLineWidth(2); gStyle->SetPadTickX(1); gStyle->SetPadTickY(1); or after you draw it: gPad->SetFrameLineWidth(2); gPad->SetTickx(1); gPad->SetTicky(1); or: gPad->SetFrameLineWidth(2); gPad->SetTicks(1, 1);

Thank you very much for your help!