Modification to pad2png.C

Is there anyway to modify the root example program pad2png.C so that it does not display the gaussian in a window, but only writes the file canvas.png?

You can do that with ROOT( qitg Qt layer:

Hi wiser,
you can do it with " virtual framebuffer X" installed

Currently ROOT TImage implementaion is based on
libAfterImage library … atures.php
One of the features of this library that

Could be used both with and without X Window system. When used without X support it does not even require X libraries to be present, and thus it could easily be used as image processing tool on web servers, etc. [/quote]

We are working in contact with Sasha Vasko (an author)
and hope to provide “batch support” in the future.

Regards. Valeriy

Thanks so much for your help. I used Qt and got it working so my macro can be executed from php or cgi scripts.

Appreciate the help.