_ROOT Version: 6.18
_Platform: x86

I’m trying to call LeastSquareFit() and for some reason MnSeedGeneretor said that fcn = 0 on initialization step. So, my question is what function (method) calls MnSeedGenerator and what may be the reason of fcn = 0, because bindata isn’t empty and model function was set in some range (in other way i would have a warning or an error, i guess)

@moneta Can you help?

thank you, but actually bindata was empty, i didn’t check it in a right way) Nevertheless, I’m interested in question what function calls MnSeedGenerator directly?


MnSeedGenerator is a function called at the beginning of the Minimisation by the Minuit library used to minimise your least square function. If your least square function is always zero (no data), then this is the probable cause of the error you have


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