MLP Traing crash with unknown error

recently I wanted to re-use my neural network scripts for estimating values with the TMLP class but this time it goes all wrong…
I tried to investigate, but I couldnt find out why.
Then I tried to adapt my scripts like the mlpHiggs.C in tutorials, but the crash still exists (it happens on root.5.18, 5.24)

I attachached the shortest possible script to re-check this behaviour and also the crash line…

Thanks, if you could help me out of this…


Crash Output:
crashdebug.txt (7.38 KB)
gRead.C (1.82 KB)

Hi Frank,

you assign a branch to a hidden node - that won’t work :slight_smile: Note that you typed a ‘:’ in front of @fnmax instead of a ‘,’ - with a comma it works like a charm!

I have sent a patch which will make TMLP complain instead of letting it crash. Thanks for your report!

Cheers, Axel.