Missing TMVA plots and histograms

Hi everyone,

I am quite new in using root, so maybe I’m just doing some obvious mistake.
I am using root6 to train some BDTs and after training them, I would like to see the Classifier Output Distributions (test and training samples superimposed, button 4b in the ‘TMVA Plotting Macros Classification’ window).
I am having two problems (or maybe it’s one unique problem!):

  1. When I click on the 4b button, it’s stuck here:

— Opening root file TMVA.root in read mode

and it does not do/show anything.
Do you know what could be the problem?

  1. By comparing the BDT training performed with root 5.34.32 to the training done with root6, I have noticed that in root 5.34.32 I have more entries in the root file that I do not have with root6 like, for example, CorrelationMatrixS, CorrelationMatrixB and InputVariables_Id.
    So, my question is: is this “normal”? Or did I do anything wrong (that’s why I miss some histograms?)

Are these two problems correlated each other?

Thank you so much for your help!


Hi and welcome to TMVA!

To what file are you saving your results? TMVAGui by default opens file TMVA.root, however if you save your output as something else, you should invoke the gui as root -l -e 'TMVA::TMVAGui("path/to/file")'.

Do you do classification or multiclass classification, make sure to use the correct gui! (TMVA::TMVAMultiClassGui) for multi class!

For 2. this does indeed sound weird. A more detail explanation of your setup could be helpful here. You can compare with the output of the TMVA tutorials (found in $ROOTSYS/tutorials/tmva), if you can find the expected files in the output of the TMVAClassification tutorial there is probably something weird in your setup.