Missing stats box and "stats" pointer is null

Dear all,
I am struggling with a missing stat box when I draw an histogram. In attachment you can find
a root file containing the histogram (name: event_size_pixels). I attach also a macro to
show the problem and some tests I made to try to have the stat box showing up.
In particular you can see there is no “stats” object in the list of functions.
I had a look in the forum but I could not find an answer for this problem.

So, since the stats box does not appear to exist (or at list its pointer), I was wondering if there is
a way to “re-create” it.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Many thanks in advance and best regards,
Marco Bomben

plot_missingStat.C (474 Bytes)
missingStat.root (6.6 KB)

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ROOT Version: 6.28
Platform: Mac OS X
Compiler: Apple clang version 14.0.0 (clang-1400.0.29.102)

Hi Marco,

the stats box appears for me if I set yesStat to true. Did you try that?

Hello Yus,
for me it is now working. Which root version are you using please?

Marco Bomben

It is 6.14/04