Missing root libraries

I am running a Geant4 code that requires some T files that are presumably not present in the inc or src subdirectory of root. The compilation gives me an error “Cannot find THIF.h” in my RunAction.hh. I checked the root headers and this file is missing. Where do I copy these missing headers and add them to the header directory of my root, please?

All ROOT include files are in:
echo $(root-config --incdir)
which is usually also equal to:
echo ${ROOTSYS}/include

Good Afternoon Wile,

My root config does not have the header files:

[neera@vm-nii-fc27-a ~/root-6.22.06]$ ls
bindings CMakeLists.txt core fonts gui interpreter LICENSE math proof rootx tree
build config doc geom hist io macros misc README sql tutorials
builtins configure documentation graf2d html js main montecarlo README.md test ui5
cmake CONTRIBUTING.md etc graf3d icons LGPL2_1.txt man net roofit tmva

[neera@vm-nii-fc27-a ~/root-6.22.06] cd config [neera@vm-nii-fc27-a config] ls
Makefile-comp.in mimes.unix.in RConfigOptions.in root-config.in root.rc.in setxrd.csh thisroot.csh xproofd.in
Makefile.in mimes.win32.in RConfigure.in rootdaemonrc.in rootrc.in setxrd.sh thisroot.fish
memprobe.in proofserv.in rootauthrc.in root-help.el.in roots.in thisroot.bat thisroot.sh
[neera@vm-nii-fc27-a config]$

What do I need to do in order to see all the header files? Do I need to configure or something? Please help, I am totally new to root.




You seem to have the “source code”.
You need appropriate “binaries” instead, e.g.:
ROOT → Install → Download a pre-compiled binary distribution

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