Missing ROOT::Math::legendre in v6.30/06?

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ROOT Version: 6.30/06
Platform: Ubuntu 22.04
Compiler: c++ (Ubuntu 11.4.0-1ubuntu1~22.04) 11.4.0

Hi, I have two computers, both run on Ubuntu 22.04. One has root 6.28/04, one has root 6.30/06. Both are using the precompiled tar ball.

The problem is, in 6.28/04, I can use ROOT::Math::legendre. But in 6.30/06, such function is missing.

I am not sure, is the legendre function is moved to elsewhere, but according to the ROOT: Special functions
The Legendre function should exist.

In fact, not just the Legendre function is missing, the ROOT::Math::airy_*, assoc_lagendre, expint, hyperg, etc under the ROOT::Math namespace are missing.

Please help and Thanks.

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