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Hi. I’m trying to install ROOT on ubuntu 16 (I can’t install newer versions of ubuntu). When I try to install dependencies, ubuntu tell me it can’t find some packages(libft-dev, openssl-dev,xlibmesa-glu-dev, libmysqlclient-dev, graphviz-dev, libldap2-dev, libgsl0-dev): where can be the problem? I copied the codes proposed on https://root.cern/install/dependencies/ to install them. Thanks

Ubuntu 16 is 4 years old, some package names might have changed since.

I think openssl-dev is libssl-dev in Ubuntu 16, not sure about libft-dev (possibly it’s libftgl-dev).

Hope this helps!

@EVTO I think you are looking into optional packages, and what about required packages? Did you manage to install them and tried to compile ROOT?

@oshadura openssl-dev and libft-dev are required packages . I will try with the names @eguiraud has given me and then try with some codes to see if they work (I need “basic” things like fits and histograms so maybe I can do this without all the optional packages (I hope so))
Thanks for your help