Missing Library within JupyRoot

I recently have been building the eclipse IDE for use of
C++ & python and have been successful up until dealing with the integration of root within jupyter notebook. I prefer jupyter’s qtconsole because it allows for the use of jupyter notebook from the eclipse terminal feature.

After installing jupyroot there appears to be a missing library. Im not that experienced with solving these kind of problems and would greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance!!

_ROOT Version: 6.26/06

_Platform: Fedora Linux
Compiler Root was Built for: linuxx8664gcc

Hello @ahrgm ,

and welcome to the ROOT forum. I am not sure how qtconsole works, but the error messages point to a problem with the ROOT installation, or conflicting ROOT installations, or an otherwise broken environment. Can you correctly import ROOT from a Python prompt, from the IPython prompt and from a jupyter notebook opened via root --notebook?


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