Missing definition of class TVector3

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_ROOT Version: 6.19/02
_Platform: Windows 10
_Compiler:Visual Studio

Currently working through a ROOT tutorial and I’m running into this error when I try to run the macro I’ve written.

Would really appreciate any help as I’m not sure how to resolve the issue. Thanks in advance

Can you post a reproducer?

Sorry what do you mean by reproducer? The code that’s causing the error?

Yes, or any minimal piece of code reproducing the error.

int myFunction(std::string inFileName, std::string outFileName)
	std::cout << "Reading from " << inFileName << 
		" and writing to " << outFileName << std::endl;
	// Open the file
	TFile* inFile = TFile::Open(inFileName.c_str(), "READ");
	// Get TTree
	TTree* tree = (TTree*)inFile->Get("HASCO");
	// Declare variables
	const unsigned int lep_n_MAX = 100;
	unsigned int lep_n;
	float pT[lep_n_MAX];
	float eta[lep_n_MAX];
	float phi[lep_n_MAX];
	float nrg[lep_n_MAX];
	// Link variables to TTree
	tree->SetBranchAddress("lep_n", &lep_n);
	tree->SetBranchAddress("lep_pt", &pT);
	tree->SetBranchAddress("lep_eta", &eta);
	tree->SetBranchAddress("lep_phi", &phi);
	tree->SetBranchAddress("lep_E", &nrg);
	// Create histogram to fill - dilepton invariant mass is a floating point quantitity
	TH1D mll("data", "m_{ll}, data", 150, 50.e3, 200.e3);
	mll.Sumw2(); // Calculate uncertainties with sum of weights squared
	// Loop over TTree 
	// Calculate paris of lepton four-vectors and mll
	for (Long64_t entry = 0; entry < tree->GetEntries(); ++entry)
		//Check if there are two leptons
		if (lep_n != 2)
		// Build four-vectors
		TLorentzVector lepton0, lepton1;
		lepton0.SetPtEtaPhiE(pT[0], eta[0], phi[0], nrg[0]);
		lepton1.SetPtEtaPhiE(pT[1], eta[1], phi[1], nrg[1]);
		//Dilepton is sum of leptons
		TLorentzVector dilepton = lepton0 + lepton1;
		double dileptonMass = dilepton.M();
		//File histogram

	// Change histogram scope/lifetime - stops histogram being deleted
	// Close input file
	// Write histogram to output file - recreate mode opens and writes
	TFile* outHistFile = TFile::Open(outFileName.c_str(), "RECREATE");
	// Switch scope to within the opened file
	// Write to histogram
	// Close output file - writes to disk

	return 0;

From commenting out different pieces of code and re running it seems to be the lepton four vectors that are causing the issue.

I cannot run your code, but anyway, try to add R__LOAD_LIBRARY(libPhysics) at the beginning of your code (before int myFunction(std::string inFileName, std::string outFileName))

That seems to have fixed it perfectly. I guess you probably can’t run the code because you don’t have the root file, but it runs fine for me now and I get the output expected. Thanks very much for the help.

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