Missing COMMON.h file in the pre-build Binary code of ROOT

_ROOT Version:_6.28/06
Platform: LINUX Ubuntu
Compiler: g++

Dear ROOT team,

I have installed the root in my Ubuntu machine from the Pre-build Binary available at the CERN ROOT site. Upon attempting to execute a C++ code that relies on ROOT, I encountered an error due to the absence of the COMMON.h file in the binary installation. The specific error message I received is as follows:

fatal error: COMMON.h: No such file or directory

64 | #include “COMMON.h”

compilation terminated.

Please guide me in this regard on how to solve this error.


Best Regards,

Dear Bharat,

Thanks for posting this topic.
That header does not seem to be part of the ROOT distribution (this can be even checked on the github repo of the project). Perhaps you can reduce the problem to a minimal reproducer to make sure we can help?


Dear Dpiparo,

Thanks for the information, I am not sure if this information will help you or not to understand this issue.

Actually, I am trying to compile one C++ program that has the header line COMMON.h which is missing from the /root/include/ directory. I have successfully compiled this C++ program on another Linux machine where I have installed the root from the source code, not from the pre-build binary.

Best Regards,

Hi Bharat,

I am sorry, but I do not fully understand. The file “COMMON.h” is not part of the ROOT distribution, I suspect it’s a file relative to your project.
Could you double check that?


Hello Danilo,

I sincerely apologize for any confusion caused. You are absolutely right; this file is related to my project. Your guidance has been invaluable, and thanks to your suggestion, I now have a clear understanding of my issue.

Thank you once again.

Warm regards,

No problem, it happens.

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